Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Science of Music :D

 Hi. I'm Ally.
I'm just an ordinary girl, passionate about both science and music. While writing out a free electron beam equation in one notebook, I may just reach over and compose a line in my songwriting book

I get inspired by a variety of things; from God's creation and goodness, to a friend with a broken heart... maybe a random memory or a hilarious incident. Either way, I desire to use the talent that God has given me for worshipping Him, encouraging others, and singing through life.

So I may not end up being the next Justin Bieber, celebrity, or even a well-known artist at all. But it's my passion to keep writing, singing, and eventually record and sell for the glory of God. No matter where I am, it's my hope to turn even ordinary life.... into a song. Thanks for joining me! :)